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The only requirement is to understand it appropriately in place of making quick and straight forwarded conclusions. In order to comprehend this properly, first we need to know the importance as well as limitations of analyzing Moon Chart.

The planet Moon is related with emotions and imagination. And, these qualities are related to the right side of the brain. There are twelve signs of the zodiac Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.

The rationale behind these observations is that the key feature of the Universe is Uniqueness; no two things are same, though sometimes they may apparently look similar. And, using only Moon Sign to analyze and conclude anything will end up in twelve different categories. On the other hand, the truth is that every Human Being is different from other in almost all aspects. The apparent position of Moon in a specific sign does reflect some specific features and significations as mentioned above ; but there are still a lot many other things to be taken into consideration while analyzing the significations related with moon i.

Emotions, imagination and many other. After describing these four specific combinations based upon mutual disposition of the Moon with other planets ; the Sage mentions about yogas based upon mutual disposition of the Sun with other planets Verse 8 of Phaladeepika. And, in these Yogas too, the planets Moon, Rahu and Ketu are excluded to be considered. The person born with this Yoga is said to be good looking, happy, virtuous, religious, and patient; and, will be blessed with authority. He will be philanthropist in nature, will enjoy favor of the king government and authorities and will be popular and famous.

Native born with Ubhayachari Yoga in his horoscope is said to be a good orator, famous and wealthy; and, will have well-proportioned body. Thereafter, the Sage further clarifies about the nature of these Yogas. If auspicious planets are involved in the formation of above mentioned Yogas; there will be auspicious and positive results of Shubhvesi, Shubhvasi and Shubha auspicious Ubhaychari Yoga. However, if malefic planets are involved in the formation of these Yogas; in that case these Yogas should be referred as Pap-vesi, Pap-vasi and Pap-Ubhayachari.

Pap means Sin which, hereinafter, refers to the nature of these Yogas when malefic planets are involved being inauspicious for the person in whose horoscope these yogas are being formed. Subsequently, a person having Papvesi Yoga malefic planet placed in second house from the Sun is said to be dull and lacking in brilliance. He will be evil minded, will speak evil about others; and, will have bad company. The results of Papvasi Yoga are also quite similar to Papvesi Yoga ; the native born in Papvasi Yoga will speak evil about others, deceptive in nature, befriends evil persons, and behave in an impertinent manner under pretext of religious texts.

Person born in Pap- Ubhayachari Yoga is told to be uneducated, poor and hapless.

Daridra yoga in horoscope

He may suffer from tensions and anxiety; and, may also be notorious. The actual results of these Yogas based upon the mutual disposition of the Sun with other planets will, however, be seen on the same lines as mentioned for Sunpha etc. Yogas; and, the preference should be given to the respective planetary dispositions of relevant houses and planets.

There are no specific indications as to which planets are to be considered auspicious or otherwise for considering these Sun based yogas; although, as per my limited understanding of vedic astrology, I opine that the planets Mars and Saturn are to be considered inauspicious; while, the Jupiter and Venus are to be considered auspicious. The role of Mercury, in my understanding, should be neutral; although, some learned astrologers may have different opinion about this. If both the second and twelfth houses from the first house are occupied by inauspicious planets; this will form Papkatri Yoga and the native having this yoga will be poor, miserable, physically challenged, unholy and short lived.

He may be deprived of happiness from wife and son. He will possess good physique and will enjoy safety from diseases as well as enemies. The actual results of these yogas will, however, also depend upon the disposition of first and ninth houses as well as the lord of second house and operating planetary dasa. Like, in Ben Affleck horoscope, the second house is tenanted by the union of Sun, Mercury and Ketu of which both Sun and Ketu are cruel planets and causing affliction to Mercury; and, thereby generating Papkatri Yoga to some extent. However, the lord of second house i.

Remedy for daridra yoga in astrology?

Moon is well disposed in fifth house; and, the first house is occupied by Venus prime supportive planet for Gemini Ascendant having mutual aspect relationship with strongly disposed Jupiter occupying seventh house in its own zodiac sign. And, due to these supportive planetary influences, the negative influences of disturbed planetary disposition of the second house remained limited and allowed him to achieve success and fame.

Do you find this condition essential?

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Many people fail to see the subtle mechanisms used to reach the inferences and this incomprehension leads them to label astrology as some superstition. On the other hand, people who can see the logic of astrology will have no problem in utilizing its positives.

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