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Give it a rest already! Tauruses may also get shit from their bosses, since they insist on doing projects their particular Taurus way with no regard for how others want it done.


Wine and dine them instead. It will work wonders. Somehow, Taurus thinks that if they just keep at it, their paramour will have a radical personality change and suddenly start to like them again. Come on: Just go to Buffalo Exchange or another vintage shop a few times. With some tenacity, Venus will smile, and an amazing look will emerge. Or discover art event listings—get wasted for free an art opening with your friends.

Taurus Is the Unbearably Stubborn Hedonist of the Zodiac

Taurus will be surprised how many hot, single, interesting catches are out there. The beauty and ecstasy Taurus craves are well within reach. Why waste time being so stubborn at work, or trying to force a non-existent romance into being, when you could be having a blast with your friends and meet new lovers? So, Taurus, be the sophomore, the wise, pleasure-loving fool. What's in the stars for you in April? Dependable and always at disposal for their partner, family, friends and anyone they respect.

Patient in the strangest of times, often even when other people would give up on the individual or a situation that should be waited for.

Lazy as an individual prone to the chase for physical satisfaction and hedonistic pleasures. Possessive of things they love, as a consequence of their fear of loss and change. If you truly want to understand a Taurus, slow down and sense the atmosphere around them.

Additional Taurus Characteristics

Let them sense, touch, smell and taste all you want to show. Wait for long enough until they open up and show you all they treasure within. This is a sign that has so much to offer, never slathering their inner or outer wealth. They need emotion and closeness with other people and they will rather share real feelings with one person than have a lot of superficial relationships in search for fun. They often fear time, change and feel insecure about the future, so it is wise to let them build a safe basis for their future needs and you will see them spread their colorful wings to fly.

Taurus Overview. Love And Intimacy Each Taurus needs time to build an intimate bond with another human being.

Taurus traits

Taurus Career Taurus is a reliable worker and a dependable person. Positive Taurus Traits Practical in all mattes and situations, helping everyone around them resolve earthly challenges. Negative Taurus Traits Materialistic and strongly attached to money and material possessions.

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Understanding Your Taurus If you truly want to understand a Taurus, slow down and sense the atmosphere around them. His top priority is financial security, and his greatest pleasure in life is leisurely enjoying the fruits of his labors. Understanding a Taurus man is easier when you consider that Taurus is a fixed Earth sign.

Taurus contains, stabilizes, and maintains. Whenever you hear Taurus think down to earth, practical, slow, and methodical.

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This will help you to understand why Taurus men have a calm, unshakable, quiet nature and feel safer and more secure with a structured routine. The term bull-headed is often used to describe someone who refuses to move or act until they're ready. This describes Taurus stubborn nature. However, this innate stubbornness is a strength that can be used to their advantage. In fact, a Taurus man's ability to dig in and hold his position often makes him highly successful in business. Some of the tactics used in business are similar to the ones a bull uses when protecting his herd.

There can be a lot of posturing made in business to present the impression of strength and power.

7 traits common to the strong-minded Taurus in your life

Being stubborn and steadfast in whatever position he takes makes a Taurus businessman formidable. The ability to carve out his own niche in the world, become rich, famous and successful, and enjoy the good life is the ultimate status symbol for Taurus. A successful Taurus is well-traveled, has a sophisticated worldly air about him and feels right at home rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Taurus men aren't braggarts, they just seem to know that flaunting their success really does speak louder than words.

They don't mind showing off all the trappings of their financial success, such as a glamorous wife, a grandiose home, a luxury car or two and a getaway vacation villa. Taurus men often come across as reserved. They are seldom the first in the group to voice an opinion or judgments and unless pressed will most often keep their feelings to themselves.