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Righteously, she is also an extremely jealous and territorial personality. She will not allow another woman to pry her lover from her, and will prove to be a formidable force to reckon with. She is also extremely unforgiving and will not reconcile with an ex-lover if he has dared to disrespect her in any way. He shall be shown the door or more likely, ignored like he never existed to begin with. After all, she knows what's best for her and would prefer her own company, rather than invest her emotions on someone who doesn't deserve her affection.

Fashion Preference. Taureans prefer delicate jewelry, and soft fabric. They are unlikely to follow the trends of the season, and instead opt for designs that are evergreen and graceful. They are adept at making themselves look sleek, by choosing clothes that complement their figure.

Being a feminine sign, they are careful about the way they carry themselves, and are never dressed haphazardly. They will always give preference to comfort and will spend their penny only on clothes and accessories that are comfortable.

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The term picky was coined in honor of the true Taurean woman. These women take a long time to select a suitable life partner. She will want her man to act like the man of the house and take responsibility, without being prompted. Also, she will never allow herself to be dominated by her lover. She proves to be a devoted wife and an extremely fun mother, who will let her children gambol and grow.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man

She will also teach her children to be independent and freethinkers. Negative Traits. Taurean women are possessive about their belongings and rarely share, unless it's with someone really dear to them. They can be tad lazy until they find their true calling. They are egoistic and lose out on good opportunities due to this nature. In rare cases, this sign can sway from its stable nature and take on a more volatile predisposition, which can also make them materialistic, arrogant, and flamboyant.

Being fond of food, they have a tendency to gain weight and become sluggish. In a nutshell, beautiful, loyal, and intelligent Taurean women make ideal friends, considerate lovers, and caring mothers. Their dynamic and pleasant existence can brighten your life and strengthen your spirit, thereby guiding you to the right path. Share This. Leo and Taurus Compatibility. Taurus Man in Love. Dating a Taurus Man. Taurus and Gemini Compatibility.

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Sagittarius Man in Love. Libra Man in Love. How good or bad is Taurus woman compatibility in matters of love with men of the 12 zodiac signs? Are they sexually compatible or will it be just a fling? Read on to know more about Taurus woman love compatibility right away! The Aries Man will want to dominate her both in and out of the bedroom.

This will cause a power struggle and probably some arguments in this relationship.

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  • He will also want more imagination from his lover whereas she simply wants to enjoy the sexual act of their love. For these two zodiac signs to make it work, they will have to focus on what will make each other happy and how they can improve their love compatibility. Continue Reading….

    The Taurus Woman

    Then because of their stubborn natures neither one will back down. Hopefully they will understand each other and their ways well so they should appreciate their love match enough to come back together. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The Gemini male might see the Taurus as boring while she sees herself as traditional. He will have to come down to earth and stick around with his Taurus and she will have to learn to let him roam and have some independence if they are to make their relationship last.

    They will enjoy time just hanging out or making love. Both the star signs will work hard to provide themselves with a good life for each other and their family. This will deepen their zodiac compatibility. Also the Leo man likes to spend money too frivolously. This will drive Taurus insane as he is much more careful with his money.

    1. Emotionally Strong

    They will have a great sex life but not everything can be resolved this way. They will have to learn to trust each other and rely on their strengths if they wish to be have a compatible relationship. Taurus Woman Compatibility With Virgo Man:- The only problem with these two earth signs is his need for perfection and her stubbornness.

    Otherwise this match has excellent astrology compatibility as long as they can learn to resolve those arguments.

    More Horoscopes for Taurus

    They may have a slow start in the bedroom because the Virgo male can be shy and reserved. Taurus will find herself initiating and this is outside of her comfort zone. But once they get more comfortable with one another they will see that they both just want to please one another. They both enjoy the finer things in life and the comforts of home. They will enjoy great conversations together and soon move into the bed. The Libra man loves to please and Taurus female will reciprocate.

    Also both the sun signs are slow to make decisions to it will be difficult at times so they have to work together. If only they could find a way to relate as well in other areas.