Aries january 21 horoscope

This is a big deal for you because the next time Uranus will occupy Aries is the year A new chapter begins on March 6 when Uranus enters Taurus , so why not let this current cosmic motion go out with a bang?

Aries 12222 Love Horoscope

Aquarius season begins on Sunday, January 20 , when the sun moves into this humanitarian air sign. For you, this puts you in an extremely humanitarian mood. Finally, the month concludes with a total lunar eclipse on Monday, January At zero degrees Leo, this eclipse is a pretty big deal: It is the final lunation in the ongoing Leo-Aquarius eclipse series that began in August For the past two years, the eclipses have been lighting up the areas of your chart associated with creativity and teamwork.

As this series concludes, consider the ways you can you use your innate leadership skills to benefit the greater good. Not Seeing Eye to eye with an elder may lead to a showdown. Not shying away from taking help is likely to find you performing well on the academic front. Promising opportunities may come to those wanting to switch jobs. Some of you are likely to soon start earning well. Making fitness your priority now will balance you immensely on the health front.

Chance of plans for an outing getting upset is possible. Support of the family will help you in accomplishing your dream. Love Focus: Someone who has a soft corner for you is likely to shower much love and affection.

You are likely to make good time in a journey. Property issues are best left untouched today. Professionally, you will prove most efficient and complete your tasks satisfactorily. Your efforts will keep you well on the course to realise your true aim on the academic front.

You may get into two minds for incurring certain expenses. Some of you are likely to enjoy excellent health. Health remains good, as you start making some efforts in that direction. You can expect a positive outcome on the academic front.

This is a good time to project a personal request to higher ups at work. Money will not pose any problems.

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Something promised to the family is likely to get fulfilled. A long journey may not be a good idea now. A good price is likely for a piece of property that you may want to sell. You may not find the going too smooth today on the academic front.

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Going for good bargains will help you save a lot. It will be fun to let your hair down in the company of friends.

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  • Love Focus: You will succeed in your attempts to strengthen current relationship on the romantic front. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Bulletproof panties are a must for those around you. Accomplishing anything may be difficult changing out of your pajamas before 4pm might help.

    Not to worry! Things start out fine for most of you. But by mid month that old Aries temper could get out of control and some of you, especially Taurus cuspers, could go off on a rant of maniacal proportions. Nobody wants to see that.

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    You may start the month on the wrong foot! Some Taurus cuspers may have may have trouble making progress in life and have issues with self-image. Pisces cuspers may be in a good mood for a few days, but relationship problems should snap you out of it. You need to negotiate, especially if you want a good divorce settlement! Pisces cuspers can change things for the better, but they may have to take some big risks to do it. Taurus cuspers may have some ugly family issues that are ongoing and long lasting. Deal with them now or see your image carved into their jack-o-lanterns again this year!

    Things will be better this month for most of you. You may still have problems relating to people and those around you might not appreciate your attitude. Happy Thanksgiving! Some of you may have a pissy attitude this month, probably for good reason, but most of you will be in fine spirits for the holidays. Taurus cuspers should be jolly! And I know for a fact that some of you have a round belly that shakes when you laugh like a bowl full of jelly!

    Merry Christmas!

    Aries: Your daily horoscope - October 09

    The first sign of the Zodiac is Fiery Aries and with your pioneering and adventurous spirit you are always out in front — often the one with most courage to attempt new projects. You are direct in your approach, self driven, and often too rash and impulsive for your own good.


    Your initial enthusiasm for new projects can run out before completion, so can benefit by learning patience and tenacity of purpose. You are naturally competitive, and physical activity can be a lifelong involvement. Being active can help to keep your sign young in attitude throughout life, because you are always looking for the new to do.

    Mars, the Red Planet rules, Aries. Mars represents energy and action in life. It is used to indicate the male of the species in both medicine and fashion. Mars was the patron God of soldiers and those who engaged in all forms of combat.