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Different with the Sagittarius people, they like the clingy lover but may put an end to the relationship quickly once they find the problems, which is similar with the Sagittarians cutting the knots quickly. Despite of the good tolerance, they may also feel sad in the dark corner due to the inherent Scorpian character. In addition, Ophiuchus people don't like to cause trouble to others but get used to bear the pain independently. In fact, they just want others to see their sunny side by doing this but always make others mistakenly think they are "malicious".

When they have something to show off, they won't tell you like the low-key Scorpians ; when you find it, however, they will be very proud like the high-key Sagittarians. The Ophiuchus people are so complicated that they are unpredictable and you can hardly tell their next action; the more you contact with them, the more mysterious you will feel they are.

Sagittarius-Cancer Compatibility

You will not feel the mystery at the very beginning but after you learning it, you will find it is nothing but as naive as a pupil. It is worth mentioning that Ophiuchus people are very similar with Scorpians when it comes to love relationship and they can hardly forget the past.

They are very special in bearing grudges: In summary, Ophiuchus people are very complicated and changeable despite their good intentions. Leo You Ophiuchus people are persistent to love and career, perfectly matching the personality of your Leo lover who is resolute and affectionate.

Ophiuchus Sign Mythology, History, and Meaning

Therefore, you two can always appreciate and never abandon each other no matter what difficulties you encounter. Details can be found below:. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign is dealing with quite a bit of character traits here. The horoscope zodiac signs compatible with Ophiuchus are a complete mix of Air, Water and Earth dominated signs.

Position of Ophiuchus in the Galaxy

If you follow the old traits of the zodiac signs, you can generally tell that a Capricorn is generally a workaholic; Pisces is a day-dreamer; Cancer is extremely possessive; and Libra is an intellectual which tries to balance everything. This relationship will indeed work because they know each other too well to get in the way of each other.

Just a few hours ago, I was too. I'm also born under the Ophiuchus. To be honest, I was a little disappointed to find out because crabs, bulls, scales, water and other everyday things represent every other signs, but Sagittarius was a centaur. Sagittarius was an exciting mythical creature unlike other signs that are represented by everyday items and animals.

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However, I did become more proud of my true sign after looking at several websites to find out more about Ophiuchus and here's what I've found about the base of our personalities. Personality Ophiuchi are open minded, curious, passionate which can often lead to jealousy and confident. They should avoid Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Virgo.

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The creative side of Ophiuchus can certainly delight with the modern musings of a Libra, especially in the field of creativity and the arts. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign, being a water dominated sign, will definitely have a hard time dealing with most Air and Fire dominated signs.

Ophiuchus - The 13th Zodiac Sign

Unsurprisingly, because of the introduction of the signs the horoscopes also underwent a complete overhaul, so it will come as a natural occurrence when an Earth element sign, generally known to be compatible to a Water element sign, is seen to be incompatible with the sign. The flighty Sagittarius might seem a very good match to a very restless Ophiuchus, but the problems arises when both signs of the horoscope try to outdo each other in terms of who gets to travel the most and who gets to experience new things the best.

The main difference between the two zodiac signs is that they both are very impatient.

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Aries deals with this by being aggressive in decisions and making sure they get what they want, while the Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign deals with impatience by throwing tantrums and emotional outburst. Aries tends to deal with these excess in emotions for the long-term, while the Ophiuchus unleashes emotions for the short-term. All a Taurus ever wants is security and stability in relationships and finances, and while the Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign can give them financial stability, they can definitely clash when it comes to relationship stability and security.

Taurus is also known to be a home-body and loves to stay indoors, while the Ophiuchus does whatever they can to go to new places and explore.

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  • On the onset, a very flirtatious Gemini will pull the strings of a jealous Ophiuchus. The horoscopes of Leo and Ophiuchus want the same thing but delivered in completely different packages: Ophiuchus is very competitive because they want to be praised for their work, while a Leo wants to be praised because they simply want to be praised.

    Everything You Need to Know About Ophiucus, the 13th Zodiac Sign - Has My Zodiac Sign Changed?

    Ego and pride clashing will be inevitable in this relationship. These two zodiac signs can be too intellectual for their own good, but one more so than the other. Ophiuchus will never understand the need for a Virgo to spend extra time on a certain task, especially since a Virgo wants something to be as perfect as possible. Such extra detail work will be considered a waste of time by the Ophiuchus, and Virgo will never appreciate the secretive and promiscuous nature of the Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign.

    10 Best Zodiac Combinations For Relationships

    Even though the Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign is known to be jealous and extremely emotionally-driven, nothing can still beat the possessiveness and jealousy of a Scorpio. Press enter to see results or esc to cancel. Ophiuchus traits We all know that 13 is a very unlucky number.

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