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The program calculates exact dates of triggering aspects, periods of aspects by orb, moments of sign changes, lunar phases, void of course Moon, midpoints in full and pro version and planetary hours in menu of main page. There are Tropical and Sidereal zodiac in program.

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There are interpretations of natal planets in zodiac signs, houses and retrograde state, transit planets in natal houses, natal aspects, transit-natal aspects, synastry aspects, Ascendent and natal houses in signs in app. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Andrei Semenov. Application for astrologers creates astrological natal, synastry charts. Astrological Charts Pro. Aquarius2Go Astrology. Aquarius2Go is an Astrology chart application for professional astrologers. AstroTab Free.

Ephemeris, Astrology Software. The fact that, depending on the type of the zodiac used, you can build different astral charts has unfortunately created confusion, disputes and misunderstandings.

Sidereal or Tropical Astrology?

The astrological system used by almost two millennia in the West is based on the relationship between the Earth and the Sun and takes as reference a calendar based on natural equinoxes and solstices; This system is called tropic, or tropical, as it is based on seasonal change tropicum in Latin. It was formerly used by the cultures of the northern lands to make up the calendar and was later perfected by the Greeks.

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The Sidereal Astrology, used by the civilizations near the tropics and the equator, descends from an ancient and initiatory tradition; it relies on the relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Stars. Its primary reference are therefore the fixed Stars particularly Aldebaran, Antares and Spica and the real Constellations of the firmament. The Vedic tradition of India, for example, has always followed this model, as well as, in ancient times, the Chaldean-Babylonians, the Egyptians and Mayans. This type of Astrology is called stellar or sidereal from Sidera, Stars in Latin.

It takes into account the precession of the equinoxes and describes in the natal chart the real sky, or rather the Planets and Constellations arranged as actually observed.

Sidereal Astrology

The sidereal astrological system was rediscovered and re-evaluated in the West in the middle of the last century thanks to the reconstruction of the Chaldean-Babylonian zodiac and the work of Cyril Fagan, Irish astrologer and egyptologist. The phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes is due to a slow conical movement of the Earth's axis, similar to that of a spinning top that begins to falter.

This motion, whose overall cycle is 26, years old, moves backward the vernal point spring equinox , compared to the Constellations, one degree every 72 years and it is at the origin of the cycle of astrological Ages Age of Pisces, of Aquarius, etc. Even the celestial North Pole moves accordingly, fluctuating every 13, years between the North Star and Vega.

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We can say that the tropical Astrology, to compensate the slow movement of precession, uses solar Signs such as labels ideal references to be placed between the solar system and the Stars. Nowadays the Sign of Aries ideal label covers almost the entire Constellation of Pisces Stars in heaven.

This creates the perception that the two zodiacs are in two different places, but actually they are pointing to the same direction. At the equinox the tropicalist astrologer sees the Sign Aries behind the Sun, while the siderealist goes beyond the ideal label and sees the Constellation of Pisces. The following figures show the Star map for the spring equinox in with both tropical inner and sidereal outer zodiac.

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  6. Taking the real Stars as reference, and thus aligning properly our birth chart to the Galactic Center and the Galaxy itself, means to recognize the forces that powerfully pervade our dimension and our Planet from the Galaxy, or rather from the different portions of the sky. It means recognizing our Galaxy as a symbol of everything that surrounds us, as cosmic entity to which our solar system belongs and to which we all belong as terrestrial beings.

    It means to turn our eyes beyond the boundaries of the solar system and become aware of the cosmic forces that are occurring at this time on our Planet: a rapid change and a new holistic awareness, trans-personal and multidimensional. This spirit is reflected in the sidereal astrological practice, that, integrating with the unity of our Galaxy, reveals new insights about our models of operating.

    In particular my approach to the Sidereal Astrology embraces a vision of reality based on a "unified field" of energy and, on a higher plane, of self-conscious consciousness. It proposes the overcoming of the idea of separation of phenomena. In this view every phenomenon we experience is manifested in the synchronicity of our local reference system with celestial plans: the solar system, the Stars of the Galaxy and beyond. Ultimately, in a multidimensional vision, celestial events become inseparable from our local reality.

    For this reason, the Stars - the REAL ones in the sky - and therefore also the Constellations, that they compose, are taken as a reference. On this basis, while it is fair to say that the Sidereal Astrology is based on the fixed Stars, on the other hand its model is not to be reduced to a mere astronomical figure or a simple technicality, as its detractors like to state.

    What is Sidereal Astrology?

    Actually Sidereal Astrology, referring to the light of the fixed Stars and not to the local seasonal cycles, is targeting the forces of the Galaxy operating at the time of the incarnation of the person, so defining his soul characteristics, rather than aiming to the solar cycles that have moulded his identity. Ultimately the work is not to define your personality, but to free yourself from the false ideas that you have on yourself and that limit your real potential.

    Personal experience and inspiration from ancient Egypt have led me to evolve the interpretation method proposed by Cyril Fagan in a way to avoid falling into confusion due to the homonymy between solar Sign and celestial Constellation. This, due to the mismatch between tropical and sidereal zodiac, would simplistically bring to the assumption that you change sign passing from one to another.