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Qualities you lack and what you seek-and need — in relationships and partners. Also marriage and business contracts. Ruled by Libra.

The merging of energies and shared assets. Power, money and intimacy.

Natal astrology

Ruled by Scorpio. Laws, governance and religion. Also luck, gambling, morals and ethics. Ruled by Sagittarius Midheaven the 10th House cusp : The most public point of your chart. Relates to your life path, career, reputation and social standing. Masculinity and fatherhood. Limitations and boundaries. Ruled by Capricorn. Social awareness and social justice. Inventions and progression — the future.

Ruled by Aquarius. Separation and solitude.

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Institutions, hospitals and jails. Also secretiveness and things which are hidden, the subconscious. Spirituality and creativity. Ruled by Pisces. What Next!? Wishing you an amazing journey into this cosmic world of discovery!

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Natal Chart Rectification

Connect On Facebook Numerologist. Close this window. Thank You! Just 1 More Step The basic birth chart is followed by interpretations of each of your natal planets, beginning with the Sun sign. Astrology Answers is a very easy to use website in which you simply answer a series of questions regarding the time and place of your date, along with some personal information. The website then sends you a detailed profile of your birth chart information within 24 hours.

Like Astrology Answers, this site requires simply that you type answers to a few questions, then it produces an instantaneous profile of you, although the interpretation is somewhat general in nature. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. At the second stage, the program defines the Rising Sign Ascendant and whether this sign is changed in the entire time interval. If the Rising Sign is the same throughout the interval, the program skips this step and proceeds to the next. If the sign is changed, the user is prompted to select the reading that is best for the horoscope's subject.

Sometimes, as a result of some astrological factors, the person's unselfish interests and system of values may be distorted suppressed, undeveloped. For example, while the Aries Ascendant, a higher value for the person is victory over rival physical superiority. Nonetheless, sometimes life is such that as a result of any injury or abuse, the person does not want victories or battles.

Initial values and priorities are driven into the subconscious, and on the surface there is only frustration about the incident. Predisposition to such scenarios is usually indicated in the horoscope. This will be a footnote in the table, and this should be taken into account when considering the interpretation of the Rising Sign. Choosing the Ascendant, it may happen that several options will seem equally appropriate. For example, Gemini and Virgo. Note, this trend does not always work, but for lack of a better option, it can be used in the rectification.

Having defined the Ascendant, the program considers various options of the birth time, taking into account predisposition to events. This refers to events or situations that do not occur to everybody, but which, as a rule, are well marked in the horoscope. For example, celibacy, childlessness, many children, imprisonment etc.

The user receives a list of a few of such events, where one must specify the extent to which they refer to the horoscope's subject. This answer means that the event or situation is uniquely characteristic of the person. You can also select this option if certain events occur in a person's life too often. For example, injuries, accidents etc. Also if there was an episode, even a single incidence, that nevertheless affected the entire life of the person.

The situation is typical for the person, but it is not final.